7 Must Know Docker Benefits For Your Business


Containerized applications have gained momentum in IT and DevOps. It is a far better alternative to running applications using virtual machines, and it’s actually considered to be one of the fastest growing tech innovations in the software development space.

When it comes to running applications in containers, Docker has proven to be a go to for many companies, like Spotify, ADP, and PayPal. Docker allows IT and DevOps teams to quickly and easily pack, distribute, and maintain containerized applications. And it’s proven to be a great way to automate deployment of apps as well.

The reason behind all of this is containers. With containers, developers can package an app with all the libraries and dependencies needed in order to ship the application out using a Docker registry. You can learn more about private Docker registry here. 

Here are a few highlighted Docker statistics:

  • The adoption of Docker is in excess of 30 percent by companies
  • Nearly 66 percent of all businesses that use Docker will fully adopt it
  • The most innovative tech is used on Docker
  • Most programming frameworks are used in Docker containerized applications, such as Ruby, Java, PHP, and Node

The following must know Docker benefits may help your business in more ways than one when approaching a software development project. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Docker Promotes Standardization

Consistency is critical, and Docker containers make consistency top priority in a number of development processes, release cycles, and ultimately standardizes the development environment. This is one of the biggest benefits for developers using Docker — Standardization. 

By providing consistent development at scale, the standardized infrastructure is across the whole pipeline. This allows every DevOps and IT team to work in a production environment, thus allowing engineers and developers to identify bugs and fix them efficiently.

2. This Software Development Tool Is ROI Positive

Finding more cost-effective ways to complete software development projects is key for business owners and project managers. Docker is very ROI positive in this respect. This could be why Docker is adopted by nearly 70 percent of all companies that give it a try. And this development tool increases efficiency across multiple processes, thus creating a trickle down effect of savings.

3. Boasts Compatibility For Easy Management

It can be  difficult to find a DEvOps tool that truly runs on every machine or platform. However, Docker is that solution, since image containers can run the same, regardless of the server, laptop, or smartphone it is running on. This is great for developers. 

Now setting up different environments, establishing more portable code bases, and creating debugging environments are taken off the table. You can also feel great knowing that your production infrastructure is reliable and much easier to manage.

4. Docker Delivers Simplistic Coding And Deployment

Software development is complex enough, making any developer tool that simplifies processes a must try solution. Developers can take Docker, code, and deploy with little to no issues. This is due to Docker’s variety of environments with little friction when it comes to infrastructure requirements.

5. Application Deployment Is Really Fast

Another benefit of Docker is the lightning fast application deployment. Now DevOps teams can deploy an app in just seconds. How? This development tool creates a container for every process. Now data can be developed and kicked to the curb in an affordable and time-saving way.

6. Containerized Applications Are Isolated 

Isolation is one benefit of Docker developers love, because this development tool ensures applications are segregated and isolated. Essentially every container works alone. This allows developers to create containers for every application running on seperate stacks. 

And since each application runs on its own container, removal and cleanup can be done efficiently. If you don’t need an app anymore, you can also delete the container without the deletion affecting any other parts of the process.

7. Application And Container Security Is At The Forefront

Lastly, Docker provides added security for your applications and containers. This is important in today’s digital age, since hacks and project insecurity is a must. Docker isolates containers and this gives developers complete control of application management. There is no container running inside another container.

Wrapping Up . . . 

The above seven benefits of Docker are just the tip of the iceberg. There are certainly many more advantages businesses and their DevOps and IT teams will find very useful during software development. You can give it a try and potentially be one of the 66 percent of companies that fully adopt it after taking it for a test drive. How has Docker changed the way you approach software development projects? We want to hear from you. 

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