5 Features Every Cloud Service Should Have

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Cloud computing is now an essential component in any successful business operation. If you are still relying on physical IT infrastructure for your networks, databases and other aspects of your business operations, you are missing out on a lot. Cloud services help to cut on the cost of running your system and boost productivity. Your business information is also more secure on the cloud. In essence, moving your IT services to the cloud is one of the best decisions any business can make today.

With the popularity of cloud for businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations, more providers have emerged and choosing the best can be an overwhelming experience. It is important to appreciate that the choice of cloud service provider determines the extent to which your business will benefit from cloud computing.

It is important to evaluate the characteristics of a cloud service provider before signing up for any service. Some of the attributes you should consider include:

1.   Scalability

The best service should provide a good platform for your business to grow. The idea behind moving your services to the cloud is to boost performance and as time goes by, you will need to expand. Make sure you identify a cloud service that will serve your customers from every corner of the world. They should have data centers spread across the globe to make it easier for anyone to use your services.

2.  Reliability /Availability

Your IT systems should always be up and running and if there is a technical glitch, the service provider should have a recovery process in place. If you are running a health facility, for instance, any downtime will mean patients will not be able to access timely diagnosis and mediation.

For this reason, look for a service that is renowned for its ability to bring service back up. Any minute missed means loss of business and as such, this is an important feature to look at. Your service provider must appreciate that these services are crucial and must guarantee high levels of uptime.

3.  Technical Support

Just because you have found the most reliable cloud services Philadelphiadoes not mean you should overlook support. This is something business owners overlook though it is in fact very crucial. The best cloud service provider should guarantee 24/7 support in case there is a technical issue that needs fast response. This again ensures your services are available throughout and in case of any issues, recovery is done fast.

4.  Service-Level Agreements (SLA)

A strong SLA is good for both parties. The service provider is able to assure the client while the client knows they can resort to legal enforcement of the agreement in case of breach. With this agreement, you are assured of high-quality services as the cloud service provider works round the clock to deliver to your satisfaction.

5.  High Security Standards

Make sure the service provider has the best security safeguards in place to protect your business. Any security breach can lead to loss of business reputation among other problems.

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