5 Advantage of Forify SCA? by aishwarya

Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA) is a set of software security analyzers that search for violations of security-specific coding rules and guidelines in a variety of languages. The rich data provided by SCA language technology enables the analyzers to pinpoint and prioritize violations so that fixes can be fast and accurate. The analysis information produced by SCA helps you deliver more secure software, as well as making security code reviews more efficient, consistent, and complete. This is especially advantageous when large code bases are involved. The modular architecture of SCA allows you to quickly upload new third-party and customer-specific security rules.

Static application security testing (SAST) captures the majority of code related issues early in development.
Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in source, binary, or byte code
Fortify SCA detects 815 unique categories of vulnerabilities across 27 programming languages and spans over one million individual APIs
Accuracy as demonstrated by a true positive rate of 100% in the OWASP 1.2b Benchmark

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