3 reasons to move your business to the cloud today

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For business owners and managers unfamiliar with cloud technology, the idea of transitioning to a cloud-based business may seem daunting. Many worry that it might be less secure than on-site data and file storage, or it will cost too much to migrate or take too much time and business will suffer in the process.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, cloud-based businesses are reaping enormous benefits today in terms of cost savings, increased productivity and enhanced security. In fact, according to Forbes, 74% of tech chief financial officers felt that cloud computing had the most measurable impact on their business. Here are three reasons why.

Sizable savings

Businesses that utilize the cloud need far less hardware than companies that maintain their own servers for daily business functions and data backup. And as every business owner knows, servers and hard drives don’t come cheap. Cloud-based businesses also see a big reduction in monthly energy costs when they do away with racks of servers, improving cash flow.

Along with the reduction in hardware comes a reduction in the cost of maintaining that hardware. Most cloud hosting packages include automatic software upgrades, saving additional money. With less need for routine maintenance and upgrading, resources can be allocated to more important business functions. The cloud enables businesses to remain lean and agile and scale their technology up or down whenever necessary.

Performance and productivity

Cloud technology simply allows companies to get more done, more quickly. One huge benefit is in the ability to collaborate instantly on a global scale – an important aspect of doing business in a global marketplace.

There are far fewer service interruptions with cloud computing. Employees save time that’s normally wasted during outages or routine maintenance, boosting productivity and morale.

Safety and security

The cloud offers more security than many business owners realize. Believe it or not, your employees’ laptops pose a big security threat when critical data is stored on their hard drives. However, when business files and information are kept in the cloud, a stolen laptop doesn’t result in an immediate data breach because a would-be thief still needs a way to log in to the online account. Similarly, thumb drives – which are easily hacked and infected with virus software – are a thing of the past thanks to the cloud.

Disaster recovery is another area where the cloud is vastly superior to old-fashioned on-site computing. If a natural disaster, fire or break-in occurs, you’re not out of business if your business is in the cloud. All of your data and critical information remains safely and securely stored off-site, away from danger. All you and your employees need is access to a computer or mobile device and an internet connection to keep business moving.

Also, cloud computing enables business owners and managers to control access to data. Emailing files that may be intercepted or shared with unknown parties is a thing of the past. And no one will ever again feel compelled to (gasp!) share a login. That alone is worth the price of admission to cloud computing.

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