10 Best Free Resources To Learn Jenkins For DevOps Developers

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Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration software tool which requires little maintenance and has a built-in GUI tool for easy updates. It is used to build and test your software projects continuously making it easier for developers to integrate changes to the project. In this article, we list down 10 resources to learn Jenkins.

1| Getting Started On Jenkins

This is the official documentation of Jenkins which will help you to understand Jenkins precisely. You will learn how to get up and run with Jenkins, install it for procedures on how to install Jenkins on your supported platform of choice, create your first pipeline, define execution environments, deployment and much more.

2| Jenkins Tutorial for Beginners

In this online training course, you will learn to Install Jenkin, create jobs, pipelines, integrate with GitHub, Selenium, and other tools. This tutorial will help you understand Jenkin for Continuous Integration, how to create builds with the Jenkins freestyle project, Continuous Integration – Jenkins vs Travis-CI, how to create users & manage permissions: role strategy plugin, etc.

3| Jenkins Tutorial By Tutorials Point

This is a preliminary tutorial that covers the most fundamental concepts of Jenkins. This tutorial is going to help all those software testers who would like to learn how to build and test their projects continuously in order to help the developers to integrate the changes to the project as quickly as possible and obtain fresh builds. Any software professional having a good understanding of Software Development Life Cycle should benefit from this tutorial.

4| Jenkins Video Tutorial (YouTube)

This tutorial includes a total of 19 videos. It is a basic step by step learning playlist which will take you from beginner to intermediate level in Jenkins. Here, you will get to learn how to set up Jenkins on Tomcat, how to use CLI, Jenkins integration with GIT, how to use CATLIGHT, how to trigger job with email, and many more.

5| Continuous integration with Jenkins Tutorial

This article describes how to use the Jenkins continuous integration build server. You will learn the basics of Jenkins such as using the Jenkins build server, installation the Jenkins server on Ubuntu, configure, set up, build pipelines, set up using Blue Ocean plugin, and much more.

6| Jenkins Tutorial

This Jenkins tutorial explains the basics of continuous integration and Jenkins. This DevOps and Jenkins tutorial video is specially designed for beginners to learn. In this tutorial, you will learn about continuous integration, Jenkins architecture, build Jenkins pipeline along with how to create a build.

7| Jenkins The Definitive Guide

This book is aimed at discussing Jenkins in the context of Java or JVM-related projects. It will also give you a good grounding in Continuous Integration with Jenkins. You will learn how to build projects using several non-Java technologies, including as Grails, Ruby on Rails and .NET.  In addition, many topics, such as general configuration, notification, distributed builds, and security is applicable regardless of the programming language you are using.

8| Jenkins By DevOps Learning Portal

This is a tutorial by DevOps Learning Portal where you can learn about the basics of Jenkins, you will be able to install Jenkins, understand the benefits of infrastructure-as-code, create the first pipeline, understand how to structure more complicated pipelines, integrate pipelines with GIT, etc.

9| Step By Step Jenkins Tutorial For Beginners

This step by step Jenkins tutorial for beginners demonstrates how easy it is to download and install Jenkins and get started with a continuous integration server. When you’ve completed this install Jenkins tutorial, you’ll be creating continuous integration jobs and be closer to DevOps expert status.

10| Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

This is a free course and is a part of the Microsoft Professional Program in DevOps. This course provides knowledge and skills to implement the DevOps practices of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Microsoft Azure. It will also cover how VSTS integrates with third-party and OSS tools, such as Git and Jenkins.


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