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Get ready for the next big disruption in the cloud: serverless computing

Source – In the process of sending more than 1.5 billion messages a day and interacting with more than 1 billion consumers a month, Braze Inc. uses a lot of cloud infrastructure. But its business is unpredictable, so demand for computing resources can fluctuate dramatically depending on the volume of data it must transform to support its customers’ personalized messaging needs. “At one point we may have 100 servers running, and at another we may have 1,000,” said Sal Poliandro III, director

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Software development slow because ‘Most of our ideas suck’

Source – If you want a vision of the future of software creation, imagine a boot process spinning up a server, forever. Speaking at Continuous Lifecycle London* on Wednesday, Mike Roberts, co-founder of consultancy Symphonia Cloud, employed less Orwellian terminology for tomorrow: continuous experimentation. Perhaps you’ve heard of continuous delivery, the trending software engineering practice that aims to accelerate development cycles while making them simultaneously speedy and boring. Continuous experimentation takes that a step further by reducing development cycles to

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