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Three experts weigh in on the state of DevOps in 2017

Source – At the upcoming 2017 DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco, questions about how DevOps at scale is really faring in large organizations are going to be raised and debated on the podiums and in the halls. To get that conversation started a bit earlier, we asked three DOES speakers about what to expect at the conference and the state of DevOps in 2017. Robert Stroud, principal analyst serving infrastructure and operations professionals at Forrester, will be speaking on

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Why agile is key to whole-business transformation

Source – To maintain a competitive edge in today’s evolving marketplace, businesses should refocus their strategies, putting customers at their heart and more efficiently prioritising tasks. A new operating system is required – one that empowers networks of small teams to collaborate so that they can constantly deliver value to customers, and in which leaders provide the clarity of vision to align everyone. This whole-business transformation is an absolute must for survival. Think this sounds extreme? Companies need to transform,

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