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Why new feature testing should be at the heart of DevOps

Source – The idea of continuous testing generally entails an always-on, massive build server that does more than just build. It should create a test environment and run end-to-end comparison checks against the system to simulate user behavior. Continuous testing is supposed to check all these things, but when it comes to software, that is naive at best. Complete testing is impossible. If you think about it, mass inspection masks a problem. When you commit to mass inspection, you’re giving up on good software

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How DevOps tools accelerate software delivery

Source:- Once upon a time, there was a developer who needed to write code against a database. So he asked the database administrator for access to the production database. “Oh, dear me, no,” said the DBA. “You can’t touch our data. You need your own database. Ask operations.” “Oh, dear me, no,” said the operations manager. “We don’t have a spare Oracle license, and it would take six months to get you that and the server on which to

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Ten project tools that every development team could use

Source:- Every year, new tools, frameworks and languages arrive, and every year developers must sit down and see if they’ll actually save any time by diverting current projects (or planning new ones) with them. We’ve gone through the maternity ward of tooling and picked out the brightest prospects for the coming months and years. Among this year’s fresh young faces are some new items, some updated older entrants, and some runaway hits that are worthy of your attentions. Cycligent

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