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Why You Should Care about the Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Source:- ‘The cloud is the future’. ‘The cloud is revolutionary’. ‘The cloud will transform how you do business’. There’s almost no way you’ve escaped hearing at least one of these sentiments, or something like them, over the past few years, and with good reason. The cloud is perhaps the biggest shift the IT industry has experienced since the widespread adoption of personal internet connections, and will come to define the sector for the foreseeable future. Fantastic, right? Certainly, but

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How Serverless Computing is Changing the Cloud

Source:- Technology never stands still, both in invention and execution. One of the newest trends is also one of the most misleading because of the term: Serverless computing. The term suggests that no back-end servers are used – when that is not at all the case. It just means servers are no longer your concern. The first wave of the move away from servers is well underway with the move from on-premises hardware in company data centers toward renting

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Enterprise IT trends for 2017: ‘Fog’ computing, Internet sensors, the second coming of silicon

Source:- With Snap’s IPO reportedly imminent and the giant Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas now wrapped up, many in the tech world have been focused on innovations in consumer technology lately. But I think the coming year also will be marked by lesser-noticed tectonic shifts in enterprise-IT: Trends related to cloud computing, big data, and even basic computer chips, which are getting a makeover thanks to the new demands placed on them by the deluge of data and

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