SoftServe Achieves Healthcare and Life Sciences Expertise in Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Source:-businesswire AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SoftServe, a leading digital authority and consulting company and Google Cloud Premier Partner has achieved the Healthcare and Life Sciences Expertise in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. This Expertise affirms that SoftServe has the experience and capabilities to accelerate its healthcare clients’ digital transformations with Google Cloud to achieve improved consumer experiences and outcomes. The Healthcare and Life Sciences Expertise is awarded to partners with proven customer success in enabling hospitals to improve patient care, enhance provider

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DeepFactor Unifies Performance and Security Monitoring for Developers

Source:-devops Company CEO Kiran Kamity said the DeepFactor Pre-Production Monitoring platform combines security, performance and behavior monitoring in one offering. Based on a “Deep Passive Monitoring” capability that requires developers to add a file to a container image to instrument an application, the platform feeds the telemetry data collected via that file to an Application Runtime Intelligence engine. That engine surfaces potential security and performance issues as well as risky and unexpected behavior changes between versions of applications, he said.

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The Essential Cloud Security Books for Cybersecurity Professionals

Source:-solutionsreview Solutions Review compiles the most essential books on cloud security that any cybersecurity professional or IT administrator needs to add to their reading list. Is your business running applications and workflows in the cloud? Knowing how to keep your cloud environment secure is critical. Books, whether hardcover or digital, are an excellent source for people looking to learn about a specific field of technology, and cloud security is no exception. We’ve listed the top cloud security books that you

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Patch-upload test passes but the same change from merge-request initiated test fails

Source:-drupal Problem/Motivation The same change that passes test when uploaded as a patch fails when initiated from merge-request. Complicating factors: – sub-module with additional composer dependencies, including another contrib – sub-module test with compile-time dependency on the contrib module Example is in Salesforce issue queue, which has a submodule salesforce_jwt, which defines a test class that uses a trait from Key module Steps to reproduce – create an issue fork for a module which has on-commit tests with cross-contrib dependencies

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Source:- Continuous app deployment via the cloud can lead to errors that monitoring software may help sort out. Speed of delivery in a serverless ecosystem can mean coping with a surge in hidden errors. That led Tackle to use Sentry’s tools to increase visibility when deploying code. Founder and CTO Dillon Woods says Tackle helps other software companies sell through cloud marketplaces such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Tackle went with a serverless stack for

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Cloudian paves the way for new era of storage with more container-based support

Source:-au Cloudian has officially started offering support for container-based applications with the intent of enabling organisations to modernise their storage infrastructure. The new Cloudian Kubernetes S3 Operator provides a self-service tool for developers to dynamically provision Cloudian HyperStore S3-compatible object storage. IT managers can utilise a Kubernetes-enabled private cloud solution that employs the industry-standard S3 API to maximise application portability. By combining self-serve, multi-tenant storage agility with enterprise-grade scalability, durability and security, Cloudian aims to meet the needs of both

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BusinessSci-TechWorld Programming Tool Market is in huge demand with top key players like Microsoft, Oracle, Spiralogics, Atlassian, VERACODE, STM, Arm Limited

Source:-redandblackonline The Research Insights newly added a research report on the Programming Tool market, which represents a study for the period from 2020 to 2026. The research study provides a near look at the market scenario and dynamics impacting its growth. This report highlights the crucial developments along with other events happening in the market which are marking on the growth and opening doors for future growth in the coming years. Additionally, the report is built on the basis of

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Latest Docker Container Attack Highlights Remote Networking Flaws

Source:-containerjournal A security flaw that provides a backdoor through which Docker containers can be compromised via unsecured remote connections may require IT teams to revisit their approach to DevSecOps. At the core of the issue is a cryptomining worm discovered by Cado Security, which steals credentials from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that have been stored on a local PC. Once those credentials have been stolen, a team of cybercriminals dubbed TeamTNT scans the internet for misconfigured Docker containers to exploit

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Code Review Automation Service Sider, Now Compatible with GitLab

Source:-newkerala TOKYO: Sleeek Corporation (here after Sleeek), a global provider of solutions to improve productivity in software development, announced on August 18 that its automated code review service Sider, is now compatible with GitLab through Sider Enterprise for GitLab.  In addition, the programming languages supported by Sider have been expanded to include Python, C/C++, and C#. As a result, it can be used not only for web-based development but also in the manufacturing industry, embedded software development, application development for

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AWS Provides Machine Learning Tech for Veteran Mental Health Research Effort

Source:-executivebiz Amazon Web Services partnered with social media platform developer RallyPoint, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Harvard University to develop a machine learning model that can detect mental health issues among veterans, Nextgov reported Friday. Under an agreement with VA, the Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab worked with RallyPoint and Harvard’s Nock Lab mental health professionals to utilize data science for identifying “high-value use cases” among users of the military-focused social network. AWS provided data-labeling services as well as

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