Setup local WordPress development environment with Docker error 500

Source – I need help with setting up my docker, I know there is much already configured environments but I need the one that fits my needs. Bellow you can find my setup. docker-compose.yml version: ‘3’ services: nginx: image: nginx:latest ports: – “80:80” volumes: – ./wordpress:/var/www/html – ./config/nginx:/etc/nginx/conf.d – ./logs/nginx:/var/log/nginx depends_on: – phpfpm restart: always mariadb: image: mariadb:latest ports: – “3306:3306” volumes: – ./data/db:/var/lib/mysql environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: password MYSQL_DATABASE: wordpress MYSQL_USER: wordpress MYSQL_PASSWORD: password restart: always phpfpm: image: php:fpm ports: –

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