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How to accelerate digital transformation

Source – Every company in the fast-expanding digital economy has become essentially a software company. Those with the ability to transform and seize emerging opportunities with greater speed and agility than their rivals hold the key to success. This decisive shift has pushed demand for application development to an all-time high, as the State of Application Development 2018 study published by OutSystems found. The bad news is that organizations have found it difficult to keep up with this demand. The OutSystems report also

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Six Cloud Trends That are Making Waves in 2017

Source – Cloud is no longer a buzzword that is only popular in big businesses, but, has trickled down to the masses. It is woven in our everyday lives, in the way we communicate, listen to music, watch movies, and store or share our data. Cloud has also dramatically transformed the way business is conducted. Recent studies have shown that businesses employing cloud services improve their productivity and grow 19.6% faster than those that don’t. The digital economy we operate

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