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How one company’s DevOps success got them the green light to hire 1000 developers

Source:- The business concept of doing more with less, which dominated enterprise IT for many years, is being turned on its head in a major way at one pharmaceutical company. The leadership at Express Scripts recently green-lighted the hiring of 1,000 new developers based on the success the company has had with one key tech trend: DevOps. The company got its start in the 1980s, relying heavily on mergers and acquisitions (M&A). And recently, the company began looking into

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Larger organisations more likely to push ahead with DevOps initiatives, research argues

Source:- Almost half of respondents in a new study from Redgate Software say they have adopted a DevOps approach to their projects – with a further third planning to join them within the next two years. The study, the firm’s latest State of Database DevOps survey, polled 1,000 companies globally with more than half employing at least 500 people. While 47% polled overall said they are already on the road with DevOps initiatives, this number rises to 59% among

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