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Report: DevOps and cloud work better together

Source – Over the past couple of years, businesses have been turning to methodologies like DevOps and cloud development to drive agility. However, a newly released study from CA Technologies reveals if companies really want to boost their software delivery performance, they should combine DevOps with cloud-based tools and delivery mechanisms. “Today, being built to succeed means being built to change. Working around the world with customers of all sizes, this change manifests in the move to public cloud workloads

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DevOps and cloud infrastructure permutations

Source – One of my DevOps concerns with data center applications is the testing of infrastructure and the applications that ride on top of it. It is overly complicated. Each application has thousands of parameter combinations that can be used. How does one know which parameters are critical and the range of options a given parameter can have? Testing parameter combinations is a nightmare. So, it is often neglected. One of the key benefits of cloud computing are the limited

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