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Container security starts with Kubernetes

Source- The rise of container technology is undeniable, and it’s not hard to see why. By offering greater DevOps flexibility as well as an optimized build/deployment pipeline, container technology is allowing companies and their development teams to build faster, deploy software more efficiently and operate at an unprecedented scale. Gartner estimates that 50 per cent of companies will leverage container technology by 2020, up from roughly 20 per cent in 2017, and this momentum is sure to continue to rapidly increase. In

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What CIOs need to know about containers

What CIOs need to know about containers Source: Software development in the enterprise is no longer something left to technology companies alone. Rather, organizations across sectors have found the need for apps and software to service both customers and internal stakeholders. Whether application creation takes place internally or is contracted out, companies are investing in software that best suits their organizational needs, giving rise to new development technologies and methodologies. One such technology — software containers — has allowed

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