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What is continuous integration?

Source- It’s easy to spot mistakes once a project is finished, but it isn’t easy, or cheap, to rectify them. This is particularly problematic when it comes to coding and a reason why many software developers frequently turn to continuous integration (CI) during the build process. CI is the practice of contributing lines of code to a central shared repository, usually multiple times per day. These frequent integrations allow teams to detect errors far more frequently and far earlier in the

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Can DevOps make over network engineers into coders?

Source – Software developers are now plying their trade deep down the stack with programmable networks, so why not give network engineers some Representational State Transfer (known as REST) application program interfaces (and perhaps hoodies) and make them developers? “One of the things in DevNet we’re working on is what we call the evolution of a network engineer,” said Amanda Whaley (pictured), director of developer experience, DevNet, at Cisco Systems Inc. Three years ago, Whaley brought her software development chops to work at networking

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