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‘Can do’ attitude of DevOps teams is driving cloud-first strategies

Source – The cloud-first strategies of businesses across sectors are maturing, with DevOps teams playing a leading role More than half (51%) of financial services businesses in Europe have a strategy to put IT in the cloud wherever possible, and 84% expected to do so within two years, with DevOps teams leading the way. According to a survey of 102 senior executives by ReRez Research for cloud software supplier ServiceNow, this puts financial services above the average for cloud

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Why DevOps And The Cloud Are A Match Made In Heaven

Source:- DevOps and the cloud. They’re an obvious match, but what elements of the cloud, and of DevOps, make the match so obvious? A Look at DevOps First, a very quick historical recap. DevOps grew out of the Agile movement, which was largely focused on applying streamlined (i.e. very agile) business-organisation practices to software development. DevOps extended Agile processes and philosophy to IT, combining development and operations into a single, unified set of practices. DevOps eliminates silos (walled-off and

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