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How the cloud super-providers see the changing landscape

Source – Earlier this week, analyst firm Cloud Spectator published its latest report on combining price and performance in the cloud. In the main, its results mirrored previous studies; that the Amazons, Microsofts and Googles of this world may not be the best option for some organisations compared with the high performance, cheaper price specialists. So what of the behemoths, and how are their strategies changing? An illuminating session at Cloud Expo Europe today, featuring IBM, OVH – who bucked

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DevOps shops weather growing pains with infrastructure-as-code tools

Source – IT operations pros increasingly rely on infrastructure-as-code tools to keep up with DevOps, but these tools have advanced almost as quickly as the new apps sys admins have to support. Established infrastructure-as-code companies Chef and Puppet have recently remodeled their tools to support containers and their underlying infrastructure. Chef overhauled its codebase into three major open source projects last year, and users are still trying to understand its Habitat product. Puppet introduced its own roadmap last quarter to bolster its container

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