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The Key to Multi-Cloud Success

Source:- In the era of cloud-based architectures, companies have implemented multiple cloud platforms but have yet to reap the full benefits. Whether it’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure—or some combination thereof—a recent Forrester study found that nearly 86% of enterprises have incorporated a multi-cloud strategy. Not only does this strategy take companies out of the business of hosting their own applications, it also leads to benefits including avoiding vendor lock-in, reduced costs and optimized performance. While it’s clear

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Continuous integration tools: Jenkins vs Travis CI

Source – Continuous integration tools: Jenkins vs Travis CI Software development can be complicated, especially when things go wrong. Say two developers are working on a project. They are each coding on separate branches of the master code in isolation. Throughout development they’ve tested their code and everything works. When they’ve completed their code they test it again and everything works. Then when it’s all finished, they both integrate their code into the master and… everything breaks. This is

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What are the benefits of integrating a CI tool with Docker?

Source:- With the rise of DevOps, continuous integration tools came to prominence. The leading CI tool, of course, is Jenkins. But there are other capable ones like CircleCI and GitLab CI. Let’s look at why you would want to integrate Docker with one of these CI tools and how you can get started with the integration. Why integrate Docker with your CI tool? DevOps is about moving to continuous integration and continuous delivery (CD). This means every step of

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