Continuous Deployment

How well-defined metrics enhance DevOps success

Source – When the information shared is inadequate, planning is haphazard and there is no clearly visible aim, collaboration is highly difficult to achieve within the project teams. In any company, there are crucial hurdles to overcome. This is more in product companies with teams that are distributed globally and working on various components of the product pipeline. For companies that have adopted a DevOps initiative, there are even more hurdles to clear. Many enterprises nowadays accepted DevOps as part

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Source – DevOps is essentially a journey of Continuous Improvement Organizations that become better at delivering software are better equipped to compete and win in today’s economy. The maturity, speed and quality of your software releases have become a key differentiator and a competitive advantage for the business. Enterprises across the board are adopting DevOps to optimize their software delivery pipeline – allowing for greater speed and agility while mitigating the risk of failed releases. DevOps is essentially a journey of Continuous Improvement – and

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