List of Top 11 Programming Languages in 2021

What is programming Languages …?

programming languages are the tools that we use to write instructions for computer to follow. Computers can think in binary strings of 1s and 0s. Programming languages allow to translate the 1s and 0s into simple language that humans can understand and write. A programming language is made up of a series of symbols that serves as a bridge that allow humans to translate our thoughts into instructions computers can understand.

Use of Programming Language…?

The uses of programing languages are as follows…

  • It advance your capibility to develop real algorithms – Most of the languages come with a lot of features for the Programmers. They can be used in a proper way to get the best results.
  • It Improve Customization of your current coding- by using basic features of the existing programming language you can simplify things to program a better option to write resourceful codes. There is no compulsion of writing code in a specific way. The thing which matters is the usage of features used and clarity of the concept.
  • It Increase the vocabulary of beneficial Programming Constructs- Programmers use high-level languages to express thoughts. And, by using the best features they can easily explain the working of a particular application, device, etc

 What are the types of programming language?

The different types of programming languages are 

  1. Functional Programming Language

2. Procedural Programming Language

3. Object-oriented Programming Language

4. Scripting Programming Language

5. Logic Programming Language

which programming Language is most popular?

PYTHON :- According to report, Python is most popular with machine learning and IOT developers. The language came in third on TIOBE’s rankings and its CEO, Paul Jansen, wrote that Python will likely be programming language of the year 2020 after securing the year’s highest increase in ratings

What are the 11 programming languages ?

  1. JAVA
5 C++
6 GO
8 C+
9 R