How kubernetes works? Explain each components with Short Summary

Kubernetes works with Kubernetes cluster and a control plane.

Kubernetes cluster is a combination of nodes with atleast one Master node and a worked node.

Control plane components:

  1. Api Server: Provides Api to connect to worker nodes
  2. Cluster store (etcd): Persistant storage of cluster state and it stores data in key and value pair in etcd db.
  3. Controller Manager: It is a controller of controllers.
  4. Kube schedular: It will just schedule the pods and assigns the work

Node components:

  1. Kubelet (Minion): To attach worked node to master to add it in a cluster and it instantiates the Pod
  2. Container engine: It is Docker
  3. Kube Proxy: Pod gets the network using proxy so that all the pods can be communicated using the ip.


  1. Pod is an atomic unit of kubernetes
  2. Pod consists of a container
  3. Pod can’t be created but can only be instantiated
  4. All Pods can communicate with each other

Pod Life cycle: