Docker Lab Assignment – Viswanath

Step 3 – Install Docker Engine in Centos#1 Vm

[root@localhost ~]# history
1 ifconfig
2 ls
3 clear
4 ;s
5 sudo yum install -y yum-utils device-mapper-persistent-data lvm2
6 docker -v
7 sudo yum-config-manager –add-repo s/docker-ce.repo
8 sudo yum install -y est-7.noarch.rpm
9 sudo yum-config-manager –enable rhui-REGION-rhel-server-extras
10 sudo yum install -y docker-ce
11 docker -v
12 clear
13 sudo systemctl enable docker
14 sudo systemctl start docker
15 docker info
16 which docker
17 which dockerd
18 ps -eaf|grep dockerd
19 docker info
20 which containered
21 which containere
22 ps -eaf|grep container

Step 5 – Assignment#2

docker run -d httpd
55 docker ps -a
56 docker run -d httpd
57 docker ps -a
58 docker exec ffd596a63ce3 ls
59 docker exec ffd596a63ce3 ps -eaf
60 docker exec ffd596a63ce3 df
61 docker exec -it ffd596a63ce3 /bin/bash
62 docker ps -a
63 docker inspect ffd596a63ce3
64 history
65 docker ps -a
66 docker attach ffd596a63ce3
67 docker ps -a
69 docker exec -it ffd596a63ce3 /bin/bash
70 docker run -d -p 80:80 httpd
71 docker ps -a
72 docker inspect d05bf5e5ce66
73 docker ps -a
74 docker info

Assginment 4 Container installing git& Appache2

125 docker ps -a
126 history
127 docker attach cd471eda91cc
128 docker start cd471eda91cc
129 docker ps -a
130 docker start cd471eda91cc
131 docker ps -a
132 docker start cd471eda91cc
133 docker ps -a
134 docker run -itd ubuntu
135 docker ps -a
136 docker attach 9496979cdcfb
137 history
138 docker attach 9496979cdcfb
139 docker ps -a

Step 6 – Assignment#3

1)Where is the LOCAL Registry and How do I find out???

Ans: docker info: /var/lib/docker

3)What is diff between Docker pause and Docker unpuase?

ANS:Docker pause command suspend all process, the SIGSTOP signal is passed, The Docker unpause is un Suspend, SIGCONT signal is passed to the container processes to restore the container proceses.

4)What is significant of Docker stop and Docker kill?

ANS: Docker stop attempts to gracefully shutdown container while Docker kill (by default) immediately stops/terminates.