Compare Devops with Devsecops

  1. DevOps is a union of development and operations whereas DevSecOps is integration of security in DevOps framework. It ensures the secure workflow of DevOps by selecting the right security tools and parameters.
  2. DevSecOps and DevOps, both play a significant role in an environment where software upgrades are usually executed several times daily and obsolete security models can’t sustain it. Where DevOps focuses only on effective deployment of upgrades, DevSecOps address the security concerns along with deployment.

The Devops process:

  • Continuous integration (CI) – merges code changes to ensure the most recent version is available to developers
  • Continuous delivery and continuous deployment (CD) – automates the process of releasing updates to increase efficiency
  • Microservices – builds an application as a set of smaller services
  • Infrastructure as code (IaC) – designing, implementing, and managed app infrastructure needs through code

DevSecOps :

  • Common weaknesses enumeration (CWE) – improves the quality of code and increases the level of security during the CI and CD phases
  • Threat modeling – implements security testing during the development pipeline to save time and cost in future
  • Automated security testing – test for vulnerabilities in new builds on regular basis 
  • Incident management – creates a standard framework for responding to security incidents.
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