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Engineering Your IT DevOps Career Pathway

Source – DevOps still is new enough that certifications are evolving and emerging. In time, the IT industry will make clear what certifications are most necessary and most highly valued, but until then, we have some suggestions for training and certification pathways to help you engineer a successful DevOps career. IT Certification and Training Pathways DevOps emerged as a response to the challenges of siloed Dev and IT departments, resulting in failures. Generally, the goal is to solve those issues,

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Enterprise IT trends for 2017: ‘Fog’ computing, Internet sensors, the second coming of silicon

Source:- With Snap’s IPO reportedly imminent and the giant Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas now wrapped up, many in the tech world have been focused on innovations in consumer technology lately. But I think the coming year also will be marked by lesser-noticed tectonic shifts in enterprise-IT: Trends related to cloud computing, big data, and even basic computer chips, which are getting a makeover thanks to the new demands placed on them by the deluge of data and

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How APIs are enabling the future of IT infrastructure

Source:- Companies are always looking for new ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining excellence in the quality of their products and services. A big part of cloud computing that IT departments and service providers increasingly look to is APIs (application programming interfaces) to enable automation, in turn driving efficiency, consistency and cost savings. How are businesses doing this, and where are the opportunities for future development? Enabling operational efficiency One important outcome of the automation enabled

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Build and buy: Key to forming DevOps environment

Source:-   DevOps has moved beyond hype to become a staple of enterprise IT. Consider recent statistics: Some 74% of 1,060 responding IT professionals say they’ve adopted DevOps in their organizations, up from 66% in 2015, according to the 2016 State of the Cloud survey from RightScale. And 73% of the 200 responding IT decision-makers have adopted some DevOps processes, according to the State of Software Release Efficiency survey from a Vanson Bourne report commissioned by Appvance. DevOps professionals

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Optimization for SaaS: Works for Business and DevOps

Within SaaS companies, both DevOps and business teams can benefit from using performance optimization tools. Performance matters – whether you’re managing a marketing website or a web app. In this blog post we’ll: Discuss how Optimization fits into workflows for DevOps and business teams, and Explore some hypothetical (and slightly hyperbolic) examples of how to use Optimization.   Optimization for DevOps Teams Traditionally, engineering teams at software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies have been primarily focused with optimizing databases and applications to scale.

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Source : week we are highlighting the most talked about issues from the Flux7 blog in 2016. While new AWS services are always being announced, sometimes making it hard to keep up, we found that a lot of discussion revolved around process management and how to best use new features and tools to streamline DevOps processes like continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). As we all know CI/CD is a key tenet of successful DevOps with automation playing a starring

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