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Canonical launches Ubuntu Tutorials

Source:- Linux is arguably the most successful open source project in all of history. The success of the kernel — and operating systems that use it — are not due to any one man or woman. Actually, the achievements are thanks to the Linux community. In other words, it is a team effort — developers, users, and more. For a Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu, to continue its progress, Canonical needs developers to remain interested — this includes getting

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De-risking the cloud

Source:- Whatever has happened to cloud? From risk bête noir to flavour of the month – how did that happen? Surveys across the board show huge growth in the adoption of cloud computing, especially hybrid cloud: in a recent report, 95% of IT professionals said they were using the cloud, and 75% said they were using hybrid cloud. And the report also found that security was no longer the top cloud challenge, with the top spot now occupied by

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4 considerations for Machine Learning System in Production

Source:- Writing a recommendation engine isn’t easy, but at least it’s straightforward. Given a large data set and some symptoms, you can determine what disease a patient might have. The problem is getting that recommendation engine, written in R or Python, and integrating it with an existing medical records system written in a more traditional language and delivered over the web. Most of the attempts to do this look a bit like a wonderful mosaic quilt … with a

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Why 2017 will belong to open source ?

Source:- A few years ago, open source was the less-glamourous and low-cost alternative in the enterprise world, and no one would have taken the trouble to predict what its future could look like. Fast-forward to 2016, many of us will be amazed by how open source has become the de facto standard for nearly everything inside an enterprise. Open source today is the primary engine for innovation and business transformation. Cost is probably the last reason for an organisation

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Report: Agile and DevOps provide more benefits together than alone

Source:- DevOps and agile are two of the most popular ways businesses try to stay ahead of the market, but put them together and they provide even more benefits. A new report, Accelerating Velocity and Customer Value with Agile and DevOps, from a reputed comapny revealed businesses experienced greater customer satisfaction and brand loyalty when integrating agile with DevOops. “What’s particularly interesting in this research is what it’s revealed about the compounded effect of using both agile and DevOps

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