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How SecDevOps Can Improve Your Software and Protect Your Business

Source:- How is SecDevOps Different from DevOps? Corporate America has bought into DevOps in a big way. According to Statistica, 77% of companies had adopted DevOps to some degree in 2018 with 17% saying their entire company has embraced DevOps. This represents a 7% jump from the year prior. You only have to look at these numbers to see why business has gone gaga over DevOps. 63% have experienced improvement in the quality of their software deployments 63% release software builds more frequently 55%

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A DevOps mindset shouldn’t overemphasize speed

Source – We often talk about how DevOps and automation can help speed up release cycles and get the latest code changes and updates out in a quick, stable and efficient way. This DevOps mindset keeps developers and operations teams in sync and ensures that the software they produce is always on the cutting edge. But is this all too much? With a continual focus on trimming the release cycle time and automating this process, do DevOps organizations put enough focus

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How DevOps makes rapid deployment a reality

Source – Traditional software release cycles are no longer suitable for the pace of the modern workplace. In order to adapt to challenges effectively, businesses must have access to suitably agile software. However, it has long been believed that development speed can only be enhanced by reducing security, as there simply isn’t enough time to test and secure software when the release timeframe is reduced from months to minutes. This is where DevOps comes in. By combining the talents of

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