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The Role of QA Testing in Continuous Delivery

Source – With more traditional develop-first-then-test models, the rate at which you can merge or ship codes depends on how fast you can test it. Every new or updated feature must go through the cycle. As a result, you can only move as fast as your QA process allows. That’s why in order to do continuous delivery, you need to adopt an equally continuous QA process. How QA Impacts Continuous Delivery It’s much cheaper and faster to fix bugs that

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Continuous Integration Testing with Jenkins

In software development and testing fields, Continuous Integration (CI) is an exercise of combining all development work to a shared main server several times a day.  The goal of CI is to reduce time and effort required for a product launch. The process of continuous integration is achieved with the help of version control, strategies & contracts and special tools. One of the famous tools used for CI testing is Jenkins. “Jenkins is an open source automation tool, which can

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