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DevOps Chat: DevOps and the Programmable Network with Cisco DevNet

Source: Network technology has undergone its own transformation in parallel with cloud infrastructure, how we create software and the adoption of DevOps. SDN, NFV, virtual network appliances and an ever-expanding suite of APIs make network and security technologies much more accessible to developers.Recent Posts By Mitchell Ashley Network engineers’ worlds are rapidly changing, too. From highly skilled to associate-level, all network engineers are faced with building up a new and necessary skill: software development. Learning software development can be

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Blockchain and DevOps: How they make a better pair

Source:- Blockchain is the technology that has taken the world over by storm and DevOps is the practice that’s becoming the norm in the software development industry. But what would the one have to offer to the other? In this article, Aditya S explains how blockchain and DevOps make an intriguing pair! Blockchain works with blocks just like a spreadsheet in computer works with columns and rows.  A block which is there in the Blockchain helps in storing and collecting

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