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Sectigo Releases Industry-First PKI DevOps Integrations for a Broad Range of Configuration Management and Orchestration Platforms

Source: Sectigo Certificate Manager offers integrations with five of the most popular DevOps configuration management and container orchestration platforms: Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, and HashiCorp Vault, delivering the industry’s most comprehensive PKI solution for DevOps. (Graphic: Business Wire)September 11, 2019 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time ROSELAND, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sectigo, the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority (CA) and a provider of purpose-built and automated PKI management solutions, today released integrations with five of the most popular DevOps configuration management and container

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AT&T, Dell to Collaborate on Container Platforms

Source: AT&T and Dell Technologies have pledged to work together to advance a variety of open source projects starting with the previously launched AirShip initiative, a management framework that combines elements of OpenStack and Kubernetes to declaratively automate cloud provisioning and lifecycle management for containerized applications. In addition to accelerating the next major release of AirShip, both companies will contribute to Metal3-io and OpenStack Ironic, projects dedicated to simplifying the provisioning of Kubernetes and OpenStack on bare-metal servers, respectively.

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Kubernetes shows promise for managing martech compatibility across platforms

Source: When larger enterprises need a way to keep their martech from spiraling out of control, continuous deployment and integration pipelines from container automation can help. Imagine a world where you can easily manage containerized applications across multiple environments. This is the world of Kubernetes, and learning to implement it will change your life because this model can help marketers manage data more efficiently across platforms. It allows you to have ultimate control over how your applications should run,

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