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Netflix, Google Talk Continuous Delivery at DevOps World

Source: Members of the Continuous Delivery Foundation discuss the formation of the open source organization and the future of continuous integration and delivery. The pace of software development continues to accelerate as organizations continue to march down the digital transformation path—and continuous delivery may grow into a staple of this process. Early and founding members of the Continuous Delivery Foundation came together at last week’s DevOps World / Jenkins World conference in San Francisco to talk about their plans

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Spinnaker is the next big open source project to watch

Source- Spinnaker is an open source continuous delivery (CD) platform from Netflix and Google, though it now also has the backing of other major software companies. Spinnaker  1.0 launched last July, so it’s not the newest kid on the block, but the service is slowly but surely gaining momentum now, with users that include Target, Adobe, Daimler and Capital One, as well as a growing ecosystem of vendors who support it. Today, after a few years of working on the project without any

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DevOps is a culture, but here’s why it’s actually not

Source – When we heard about DevOps for the first time, some of us imagined it was a buzzword that would disappear like many a hipster phenomenon. The fact that we still talk about DevOps every day and have for more than five years, proves it is not just a buzzword, but a necessity for the software industry. What’s hard about DevOps is its adoption. Even as many companies have become DevOps unicorns, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix, others continue to

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