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DevOps Deeper Dive: SUSE Sets DevOps Course

Source:- devops.comThere was a time when SUSE was considered to be the second-biggest force driving the adoption of Linux in the enterprise, after Red Hat. Then came an odyssey to rival any epic written by Homer. A few short years after moving its corporate headquarters from Germany to Oakland, California, the company was sold to Novell, which was then later acquired by Attachmate. Three years later, Attachmate was acquired by Micro Focus. Three years after that, SUSE (as an arm

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Juniper Adds Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Support to Juke

Source:- Juniper Networks released Juke 2.2, the multi-cloud container platform it acquired when it bought composable infrastructure firm HTBASE late last year. The updated version integrates with Kubernetes and its container storage interface (CSI) and has new snapshot and scheduler capabilities. The product itself isn’t composable infrastructure — it’s essentially container-focused software-defined storage, explained Scott Sneddon, senior director and evangelist for multi-cloud solutions at Juniper. But it plays partially in that space by stretching across the multi-cloud gap that exists

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Kubernetes – from internal project to world leader

Source :- Kubernetes’s flexibility and ability to evolve means it will continue to be at the heart of cutting-edge technologies like 5G and IoT, writes Carmine Rimi, Canonical Kubernetes, the container orchestration system for automating application deployment, recently celebrated its fifth birthday. Starting life as an internal project at Google, Kubernetes has grown to become the largest open source project in history. This dominance has been supported by the platform’s inherent benefits. After all, Kubernetes can scale to the requirements

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