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How To Make Continuous Security Work For You

Source:- Accelerating app release cycles is a top challenge for organizations in the cloud-native era. The most competitive companies are shipping software in minutes, which means developers are creating code at speeds never seen before. Those on the production side of this rapid software release cycle have to manage these new software updates with a continuous production pipeline that never stops. This approach calls for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), enabling engineering teams to ship software to

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4 reasons you should use Kubernetes

Source:- As most modern software developers can attest, containers have provided us with dramatically more flexibility for running cloud-native applications on physical and virtual infrastructure. Containers package up the services comprising an application and make them portable across different compute environments, for both dev/test and production use. With containers, it’s easy to quickly ramp application instances to match spikes in demand. And because containers draw on resources of the host OS, they are much lighter weight than virtual machines.

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