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Why and How to Collect KPIs for Z DevOps

Source: It can sometimes feel frustrating to try to figure out how to do DevOps. That’s because DevOps is not about tools—there are lots of different tools that can help you succeed at DevOps. Nor is it about any really specific set of practices; although DevOps prioritizes things like automation and communication, it does not prescribe specific processes for enabling them. Instead, DevOps is really just about cultural values, which is a rather vague guideline for people who want to do

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Measuring Success in DevOps: Top Four DevOps KPIs

Source: There is no news in DevOps concept. Many companies have integrated DevOps to improve and accelerate software development and help drive their digital transformation, and that number continues to grow exponentially. There are now entire tool ecosystems, methodologies and transformation models—as well as endless resources—available to guide companies along the DevOps journey. But DevOps success can be difficult to measure. DevOps isn’t a formal framework; it’s more of a culture and a set of practices, and there is

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The Role of Bots in DevOps

Source:- DevOps has evolved from its infancy into a mainstream focus area for a majority of CIOs. DevOps has become a main focus and has been shaping the world of software and infrastructure engineering and operations for the last few years. Some of the key DevOps trends include: DevOps assembly lines automation. Smart, actionable alerts from monitoring tools. Monitor and orchestration infrastructure. Improved Collaboration With the increase of DevOps adoption, organizations today face many challenges in the end-to-end service delivery

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