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DevOps Security: 3 Privileged Access Management Best Practices

Source – The tremendous upside of DevOps practices and tools are enough to keep organizations pressing forward at all costs. But when sloppy use of DevOps toolchains cause breaches, more than half the time it comes down to poor protection of privileged accounts. According to a recent study by security vendor Beyond Trust, 52 percent of IT practitioners say that overprivileged users are at the root of DevOps and other next-generation technology-caused breaches. If organizations are going to reap the biggest benefits

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Serverless continuous deployment for the AWS crowd: Feeding time in Lambda-land

Source – Continuous Lifecycle “You’ll never go hungry if you know AWS,” one of the workshop participants at the Continuous Lifecycle* devops-focused conference in London remarked. Mike Roberts, co-founder of consultancy Symphonia Cloud, was behind the lectern yesterday afternoon, preparing to conduct a tour of serverless continuous deployment on AWS. Such sentiment is transitory in the tech industry. In the mainframe era, people used to say, “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.” Today, that has become: “IBM fires everybody.” Nonetheless, AWS looks like

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The Best Ways to Evaluate Your App

Source – For app developers, this statistic can seem especially grim. No one wants their hard work to end in abandonment, but it’s hard to figure out where you’re missing the mark. This is where user feedback and user evaluation comes in. But how do you know which technique to use? Many app developers prioritize user feedback over other evaluation techniques, such as heuristic evaluation and A/B testing. But is user feedback the only method you should use? Is there

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