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What is DevOps Foundation and the top 7 career aspects of the course

Source:- The DevOps methodology is a process which ultimately helps organizations evolve and improve products at a more rapid pace as compared to traditional software development processes. This enables software organizations to gain a competitive edge over companies in the market. There are concepts which blend agile methodologies as well. It isn’t a surprise that DevOps professionals are some of the highest paid employees in the IT sector and some technical experts agree that it is a lucrative career path

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Running Agile at scale: Three challenges

Source – Across large enterprises, IT leaders are developing a new operating model to respond to digital demands. This model presumes that applications development will need to scale the use of Agile methods if teams are to support digital products and services at the cadence of continuous delivery. In their quest to run Agile at scale, many organizations have made substantial investments in tools, training, and frameworks like SAFe. But these investments by themselves are insufficient. When it comes

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How CIOs are transforming their organizations for the digital era

Source:- Companies are facing a digital imperative to revamp business operations to better serve customers. To accommodate these shifts, CIOs are making sweeping organizational changes, adding new key roles, setting up innovation labs and tapping modern technologies to meet strategic mandates issued by their CEOs and boards. Social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) forms the primary digital fuel for most IT organizations. But most CIOs eager to stay atop trends are also testing new products in artificial intelligence, machine

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