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5 lessons: How DevOps, cloud reinvented IT Ops at Hiscox

Source – As a global business insurer, Hiscox faces two significant challenges. The first is that, while we are growing at up to 30% per year in some markets, we don’t want our IT staff to balloon at the same pace. We also must stay nimble enough to fend off behemoths such as Amazon and Google that could use their stockpiles of customer data (and their ability to quickly roll out new services) to move into our industry by using

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How IT Ops can avoid the DevOps capacity crunch

Source – DevOps and digital transformations have brought an unprecedented increase in the pace and volume of daily change in IT. While this may sound like great news to development and product groups, IT operations management is often alarmed by the potential risk that its already overloaded workforce will be squeezed beyond the breaking point. IT Ops finds itself squeezed between the “go-go-go, deploy-deploy-deploy” demands of DevOps and digital transformations and the “Don’t be the next hack! Don’t be the next outage! Slow

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IT ops paves the way for agile

Source – DevOps and agility requirements are putting immense pressure on the IT ops team. There is an incredible amount of noise around software development these days, and quite rightly – without it, there is no application economy. But, another major question that should be asked is: “Is IT ops just about keeping the lights on?” Well, to answer this question, I must tackle the enemy of IT, which is complexity, and it comes in a variety of shapes and

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10 commandments of IT Ops in the DevOps era

Source – You might think that IT operations is becoming irrelevant these days, as orchestration and DevOps tools now supposedly do the job for you. I’m sorry to break it to you, but that’s just a myth. Throw it in the pile with other busted myths, such as the ability to see the Great Wall of China from space, bulls’ hatred of red (they’re actually colorblind), and vitamin C’s effectiveness in curing colds. But according to this growing meme,

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