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Cloud Architecture and Cloud Computing Trends in 2019

Source- The tech game has changed! With the dawn of the internet, the advances in computing and software development anyone can access the world’s best technology while sitting at his/her kitchen table. Almost all enterprises, small or big – doesn’t matter, seems to have shifted their focus towards considering appropriate procedures to handle and manage such disruptive technologies within their existing environment. Cloud computing technology entirely relies on the virtualizations of hardware and software and its service-oriented architecture and several

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Despite DevOps, Firms Unprepared for GDPR

Source – Most organizations are not fully compliant with the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) before it takes effect in May, analysts report. While DevOps certainly gives organizations the mean to turbo charge the compliance process, stakeholders outside of IT departments often are failing to greenlight this necessary project ahead of the deadline, due largely to uncertainties about the regulation.   Not being in compliance could hit organizations hard, with fines up to 4 percent of their annual revenues

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