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How to become a ‘dynamic’ cloud user to reap cost and agility benefits

Source – As organisations move towards more sophisticated multi-cloud environments, leveraging DevOps, containers and more, they will see greater agility, lower cost, and faster time to market. This is the verdict of digital performance monitoring and management provider New Relic, who gathered more than 500 responses from organisations across the US, UK, Germany, and France. As first reportedby ZDNet, the company put its findings in an eBook, ‘Achieving Serverless Success with Dynamic Cloud and DevOps’. New Relic put organisations into three categories

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Habitat application portability and understanding dynamic linking of ELF binaries

Source – I do not come from a classical computer science background and have spent the vast majority of my career working with Java, C# and Ruby – mostly on Windows. So I have managed to evade the details of exactly how native binaries find their dependencies at compile time and runtime on Linux. It just has not been a concern in the work that I do. If my app complains about missing low level dependencies, I find a binary

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