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Why “Is Docker Secure?” is the Wrong Question to Ask

Source – Is Docker secure? That’s the million-dollar question as more and more organizations migrate production workloads to containers. But that’s a simplistic question, and there is not a yes or no answer. Instead of thinking in binary terms about Docker security (that is, trying to decide whether it is secure or not) it’s better to delve into the details of how Docker works in order to understand how the Docker security paradigm plays out. So, let’s take a look

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How to use Dockerfiles

Source – With Docker images, you can easily deploy containers without having to worry about maintaining the same overhead required by virtual machines. These containers can be pulled from the Docker Hub with ease, for easy use. Let’s say, for example, you want to pull down the latest Ubuntu image for development purposes. However, before you start development, there are a number of changes you need to make to the image (such as updating, upgrading, and adding the build-essential package

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