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DevOps Security: 3 Privileged Access Management Best Practices

Source – The tremendous upside of DevOps practices and tools are enough to keep organizations pressing forward at all costs. But when sloppy use of DevOps toolchains cause breaches, more than half the time it comes down to poor protection of privileged accounts. According to a recent study by security vendor Beyond Trust, 52 percent of IT practitioners say that overprivileged users are at the root of DevOps and other next-generation technology-caused breaches. If organizations are going to reap the biggest benefits

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Creative ways to encourage the integration of DevOps processes

Source – Many organizations approach a DevOps transformation by starting with the tools and pushing them onto developers. Verizon has been experimenting with a different approach, though, that involves immersing developers, managers and business experts in a DevOps experience that they can bring back to their normal workflows. This helps shed some of the anxiety many developers might otherwise experience if they try to kick-start DevOps processes from their normal office environment. Verizon has already created over 1,000 teams that

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OutSystems brings DevOps to low-code development in latest release

Source – OutSystems wants to make it easier for enterprise IT shops to adopt low-code development into their DevOps toolchains. The company announced new DevOps capabilities as part of a new release. The company announced an enhanced LifeTime deployment API; Microsoft Visual Studio Team Service Integration; Jenkins CI/CD Server Integration; a new test framework; new automated visual text merge capability, and LifeTime DevOps advanced deployment options. The updated deployment API will enable DevOps teams to manage apps, modules, environments and

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