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DevOps survey highlights complexity and culture worries

Source – Top barriers to DevOps adoption include stagnant organizational cultures and managing a jumble of legacy processes. A new survey of DevOps and IT professionals from sandbox software company Quali finds 22 percent of respondents cite organizational culture, 21 percent legacy processes, and 20 percent growing software complexity as their top concerns. Other worries include the lack of standardized mechanisms for continuous testing (13 percent); managing the setup, tear-down and automation during different stages of the DevOps lifecycle (13

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A new DevOps survey underscores demand for automation

Source – Software testing toolmaker LogiGear Corp. just released a new DevOps survey, and based on the results, it is clear there is lingering confusion about the development methodology. One DevOps survey participant summed it up: “Agile and Scrum were concrete processes that led to tangible and positive results in the workplace. On the other hand, I have yet to understand the term DevOps, except as a meaningless buzzword that has had zero effect to our work processes.” According to

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Larger organisations more likely to push ahead with DevOps initiatives, research argues

Source:- Almost half of respondents in a new study from Redgate Software say they have adopted a DevOps approach to their projects – with a further third planning to join them within the next two years. The study, the firm’s latest State of Database DevOps survey, polled 1,000 companies globally with more than half employing at least 500 people. While 47% polled overall said they are already on the road with DevOps initiatives, this number rises to 59% among

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