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Source – Organizations are embracing DevOps, although they’d do well to steer past the known pitfalls that have caused several similar attempts to stumble. This is just paramount advice. The Rightscale 2017 State of the Cloud report suggested that 72 percent of SMBs and 84 percent of enterprises have already adopted some DevOps practices. Promises of better customer satisfaction, productivity improvements, more business development, and greater agility are key factors driving the shift toward DevOps. Is DevOps the perfect choice for all, then?

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Does Your DevOps Department Need More Attention? [Infographic]

Souce:- There are some big red flags that signify your DevOps department needs an overhaul. Your deployment process seems to take forever. It only work from a few developers’ computers. It’s different for each server you deploy to. Sound familiar? Luckily the warning signs of a DevOps department in need of help are pretty easy to recognize. Read on to learn how to identify if and when your infrastructure team needs more attention—plus a few suggestions to implement those

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