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How SecDevOps Can Improve Your Software and Protect Your Business

Source:- How is SecDevOps Different from DevOps? Corporate America has bought into DevOps in a big way. According to Statistica, 77% of companies had adopted DevOps to some degree in 2018 with 17% saying their entire company has embraced DevOps. This represents a 7% jump from the year prior. You only have to look at these numbers to see why business has gone gaga over DevOps. 63% have experienced improvement in the quality of their software deployments 63% release software builds more frequently 55%

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5 Steps to Fix Your DevOps

Source:- DevOps. Why is everyone talking about it now? People say, “Just do DevOps,” and I laugh at that. Is it that easy? Let’s discuss some facts that you should know before moving to DevOps. We all want to do DevOps because it’s cool and trendy. Is that your answer? If so, then stop thinking about it. It’s not what you think it is. Before taking the first step to doing DevOps, ask yourself why you need DevOps and

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