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Top 4 obstacles to DevOps adoption and how to successfully eliminate them

Source – Many organizations want to apply DevOps principles in their organization but they don’t really know what DevOps is, what it requires from the employees, what value it will bring and how to start a DevOps journey. Other have already given DevOps a try but they faced misunderstandings and challenges that slowed them down. If only there was a way to experiment with DevOps before actually adopting it. Meet The Phoenix Project, the simulation which comes to the

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DevOps: Challenges and considerations

Source:- Every few years, a new buzzword appears on the IT canvas that sparks hype and excitement among businesses and technologists alike. DevOps is one such term that has continued to gain momentum and is highly-relevant in today’s digital transformation landscape. It’s also a term that’s quite misunderstood. Here are some thoughts that define this term, while also explaining its benefits and challenges. What is DevOps? Very simply put, DevOps embodies Development plus Operations within software development. Traditionally, these

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Top 10 challenges to DevOps implementation

Source:- As more companies adopt DevOps to improve their workflow and productivity, a number of challenges related to infrastructure and legacy systems have arisen, according to a new survey from cloud sandbox software provider Quali. In a survey of more than 2,000 IT industry executives, 54% of respondents said they had no access to self-service infrastructure—instead, they take a ticket-based approach to infrastructure delivery, which impacts productivity and increases time to market, the survey notes. And only 23% of

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Top 5 DevOps Challenges & Solutions Part 1: Focus on Business

Source – DevOps is a powerful process that can catapult industry leaders into the next stratosphere of transformation success when combined with the right people, process, and technology. The converse is also true. Applying DevOps principles of agility, continuous integration and delivery without addressing broken processes, gaps in skillsets or technology – is a recipe for disaster…Read more

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