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It’s great to move to a DevOps approach – but have you told anyone else?

Source:- One of the key inhibitors to progress in DevOps is internal communication – or the lack of it – according to a new survey. The report, from Trend Micro, polled 1,310 IT decision makers across enterprise and SMB levels and found almost nine in 10 (89%) are lobbying for greater communication between software development and IT security teams. More than three quarters (77%) said developers, security and operations teams needed to be in closer contact. So where is the

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How to build self-organizing DevOps teams

Source:- The idea of a self-organizing DevOps team is enticing: Promote business growth by combining automation at all levels with the innovation that’s enabled when individuals with a sense of ownership focus on progressive transformation in an environment that encourages continuous improvement. Parties in self-organizing teams should have a keen understanding of their business goals and the ability to make decisions about how to achieve them on their own. In the context of swiftly and consistently changing market dynamics, in

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