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Three Tips To Ensure That DevOps Adds Real Value To Your Business

Source:- If you work in tech, chances are you have an opinion on DevOps. Either you think it’s a worthless exercise that creates more problems than it solves, or that it’s a must-have in today’s workplace. At my company AppLovin, we stand solidly in the pro-DevOps camp: not only for what it does for our operations, but for what DevOps does for our business. If you do go with having DevOps, it’s crucial that you think of it as

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Tips to choose the best DevOps tool for your organization

Source:- While driving home, I heard this song from Rolling Stones You can’t always get what you want But if you try sometimes, well you just might find You get what you need. And the song made me think. In 2017, we are absolutely bombarded by choices and things evolve faster than ever, so how can you actually get what you need? For example, recently I had to guide someone searching for that perfect DevOps tool. In such a

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DevOps from the Front Lines: Enterprise Adoption Principles and Pitfalls

Source:- So, what do I think of when I’m told a company wants to adopt DevOps? The first thing that comes to mind is the size of the organization, and how far they want to take DevOps best practices. I really want to know what DevOps adoption will mean for the company. In my experience, it gets especially interesting for large organizations that rely on a lot of applications and teams. There are important principles that support adoption. First,

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5 Steps to Fix Your DevOps

Source:- DevOps. Why is everyone talking about it now? People say, “Just do DevOps,” and I laugh at that. Is it that easy? Let’s discuss some facts that you should know before moving to DevOps. We all want to do DevOps because it’s cool and trendy. Is that your answer? If so, then stop thinking about it. It’s not what you think it is. Before taking the first step to doing DevOps, ask yourself why you need DevOps and

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