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GitLab 11.1 devops tool improves security controls

Source – GitLab, a DevOps platform based on the Git software version control system, gains increased visibility into security with its Version 11.1 release, as well as other enhancements. The new security dashboard reports on the latest security status of each project’s default branch. Security teams can determine if something is wrong and take actions if needed. The dashboard can be used to dismiss false positives or create issues to solve vulnerabilities. Teams can also adjust the criticality weight of vulnerabilities. The security

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How blockchains can help build stronger software

Source – Blockchains can make the biggest impact in deeply collaborative environments. That is why supply chains stand to benefit from blockchains, composed as they are of diverse people, organizations, and stakeholders. Given the proliferation of software and application development globally, a DevOps-based software supply chain ecosystem experiences very similar challenges to traditional “offline” supply chains comprised of physical goods. Enterprises are embracing open source systems like never before – but, they are failing to manage them effectively[1] – which can

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How well-defined metrics enhance DevOps success

Source – When the information shared is inadequate, planning is haphazard and there is no clearly visible aim, collaboration is highly difficult to achieve within the project teams. In any company, there are crucial hurdles to overcome. This is more in product companies with teams that are distributed globally and working on various components of the product pipeline. For companies that have adopted a DevOps initiative, there are even more hurdles to clear. Many enterprises nowadays accepted DevOps as part

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