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How the World Measures DevOps Quality

Source:- With continuous everything, knowing whether each new release will ultimately enhance or undermine the overall user experience is essential. Yet, most of today’s go/no-go decision still hinge upon quality metrics designed for a different era. Every other aspect of application delivery has been scrutinized and optimized for DevOps. Why not re-examine quality metrics as well? Are classic metrics like number of automated tests, test case coverage and pass/fail rate important in the context of DevOps, where the goal

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Delivery and Adoption of Cloud Computing

Source – What is “Cloud” ? Cloud computing delivery models provide users with on-demand access to a flexible, wide-ranging pool of technology assets composed of services, applications, servers, networks, and storage facilities. Due to the habit of referring to data and applications as being “in the cloud,” it can be easily forgotten that cloud is housed in physical facilities. Cloud computing services are powered by highly virtualized processing and storage systems in data centers, which are available to remote users

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