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Study: DevOps Servers In The Wild Highlight Infrastructure Security Needs

Source – A mature DevOps practice involves applying multiple tools at different steps of the delivery pipeline, and a new study from IntSights focuses on these tools that may be open to attack on the Internet. Each new tool added to your process can expand your attack surface area – and, in many cases, new development and delivery tools are being used without oversight from a security team. With complex tools being used in each DevOps step, potential attack vectors and the risk of

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Continuous integration tools: Jenkins vs Travis CI

Source – Continuous integration tools: Jenkins vs Travis CI Software development can be complicated, especially when things go wrong. Say two developers are working on a project. They are each coding on separate branches of the master code in isolation. Throughout development they’ve tested their code and everything works. When they’ve completed their code they test it again and everything works. Then when it’s all finished, they both integrate their code into the master and… everything breaks. This is

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